Dreamy Georgia Bridal Session // Savannah, Georgia

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  1. Gabby Gatts says:

    We’ll be married 10 years this June and I still remember the sound of my husband repeating his vow’s. Instead of saying his lawfully wedded wife he said “My lovely wedded wife.” That’s how I think of our relationship simply lovely.

  2. Ebone Laws says:

    A sweet moment from my engagement to my best friend Ron was when he planned a gorgeous destination for me to join his family on. However unbeknown to me he had a surprise engagement planned out. I remember enjoying the beautiful St. Lucia and the scenery was breathtaking. On the second day of our trip with his family and I watched his dad performance at a jazz festival and after the performance his sister joined us for a walk around the island overlooking the ocean below. Wow what a perfect evening and I still remember it 21 years later. Ron asked if I wanted to checkout a hammock nearby and watch the sunset and of course I said yes. As we started to watch the sunset he asked if I could hold something for him and put it into my bag it was a trick. Ron got down on one knee and proposed to me. I remember when he put the ring on I was like Wow 🤩 this is amazing Yes Yes. I was so excited and I go couldn’t wait to call my family that evening to share the news. I learned that special moments happen when you least expect them.

  3. Alex Gutierrez says:

    Once upon a time two single humans minding their own business were set up on blind date by a young dude who couldn’t believe we weren’t married yet… as you can imagine we were both reluctant to go because statistically blind dates don’t go well. After we had agreed to the blind date …low and behold a location was chosen. Can you picture it???? The Gorgeous, Magnificent & Stunning city of Santa Clarita (whomp whomp)..In all seriousness we met up at Thee famous “magic mountain” on Thanksgiving day.

    If we were nervous you couldn’t tell…we both put on our best “cool vibes” and “poker faces” to make this 10 hour day worth it. We had nothing to lose.

    I still remember seeing him smile with that big fat No Shave November mustache. He recalls my freshly painted coral orange toe nail polish
    and sun kissed skin…We both were physically attracted to each other instantly but we also wondered if we we could tolerate 10 hours of being stuck in an amusement park together.

    To my surprise this shy and timid man asked me a million questions as if I was on a job interview. I of course answered with too much buoyant detail…After being completely taken back by this man’s mind I knew I needed to know more about the man behind the mustache ….I was intrigued…

    An employee of the park had approached many people and asked if they would take a survey to help boost their rating. After relentlessly getting turned down. I happily walked over and said “I’ll do your survey”…. I’ve been told this was the moment he realized I was a kind soul who went out of my way to help others. I never knew he felt this way until long after we were married. Later that evening the 90° weather quickly dropped to about 50° there was a gust of wind that could chill your bones. He was wearing a light windbreaker and I was in a tank top and jeans with no sweater in sight. Although he was as cold as I was he generously offered his jacket to me. I graciously accepted the jacket but the guilt inside was eating away at me because I knew he was cold too! So I fibbed a little bit and said “I’m warm now you can have your jacket back”. We were already making sacrifices for each other.

    After a long day him and I and a few friends decided to go to the only restaurant open “El Torito”. Our mutual friend had separately asked us if we were interested in getting to know each other more and we both had said yes.

    The very next day I was taken to a very special restaurant in Ventura that charmed the pants off me. Just kidding the pants stayed on…I mean it was only our second date. Nonetheless, we both fell in love over the next few months over many delicious meals and exploring California as if it was our first time there. After introducing him to my best friend and having one of the best weekends of my life he asked me if I wanted to go to my favorite winery… How did he know it was my favorite winery??? Because he listened he always listened…No doubt I was excited to share some wine with this wonderful man at a place that had brought me so much happiness to conclude our amazing weekend. And in a blink of an eye he got down on one knee to propose to me …I didn’t quite understand what was happening but I could literally feel his heart beating out of his chest… And then when he asked me if I would marry him I cried uncontrollably and said “Yes!!!”

    For the record I have to mention he had strategically planned this whole weekend even drew a map of where he was going to propose and had even taken work off the week prior to scout out the venue. This man, whose mind impressed me the first day I met him still keeps me on my toes today. Six years completed … forever to go.

    The End!

  4. Leah Fontaine says:

    When I walked in to the restaurant where my husband proposed I commented on how funny it was that there was a tulip shape vase on the table full of tulips because it’s my favorite… He later revealed that he had gone and set all of that up ahead of time because he thought I would like it.

  5. Lilit Mkhitarian says:

    We knew from the time we started dating that we wanted a big family. We have a seven year old daughter and are finally pregnant with our second daughter. Everyday that we are pregnant with our rainbow baby feels like a dream .

  6. Samantha Kin says:

    We’ve been together for over eight years and counting! Looking forward to a wedding some year soon 🙂

  7. Jill says:

    We actually knew each other as kids & were delivered by the same doctor!!! But we met up again at 19 & 20. We fell fast & hard & were engaged within 5 months & married within 10 months. We’ve been married 23 years and have had lots of craziness happen to us over the years. But we are best friends & there is no one else I could ever imagine doing life with!

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