Los Olivos, Santa Ynez romantic wine country photography session by Morgan V Photography

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He had planned everything meticulously.  By noon, the stress of taking her CBEST teachers accreditation test would be behind her and she would be relaxed and available to enjoy an incredible evening. After her test, Katherine headed home to her mom and sisters who casually helped her beautify for the romantic dinner Matthew had planned […]

It was the night of their CalLu graduation and they were excitedly celebrating with thirty of their closest friends and family. The house was filled with her carefully-planned decorations including a glamorous photo booth complete with streamers, glitter-filled balloons and a polaroid camera.  Red flags should have waved fervently through the room when he asked […]

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She wore a stunning ivory dress with a champagne-colored sash that her mother made for her, and the cheerful tangerine shade of the bridesmaid’s dresses fittingly reflected Chloee’s sweet and joyous spirit.  Ben’s mom incorporated some English flair with a fabulously elegant wide-brimmed hat and at the end of their charming barn reception, family and […]