As a wedding photographer for 10+ years, I believe in more than just capturing images. Through my lens, I aim not just to document, but to transform your fleeting moments into everlasting treasures.

Within the frames of your photographs, your moments are preserved, etched into eternity as a testament to your love for one another.  So, as you stand on the threshold of forever, let us be your storytellers. Because your love story is a treasure, meant to be savored for a lifetime and beyond.



In every stolen glance and whispered promise lies the essence of your love story; each fleeting moment, a chapter in the grand narrative of your journey together.

My approach to getting clients to “look” comfortable in front of the camera is to create the circumstances for them to truly be relaxed before I ever raise my lens. I am highly communicative so that I can fully understand you both, what’s most important to you, and what makes you glow together.

I am always eager to share the expertise I have accumulated so that your time in front of the camera feels as comfortable, relaxed and effortless as a romantic date.  We will chat, share stories, laugh, and craft incredible photos of you with the one you love most. 

During our time together, I provide guided poses and prompts to keep you feeling confident, connected, joyful and beautiful.

Throughout a wedding day, my style is both thoughtfully composed and artistically candid. I value every detail that makes your wedding uniquely yours and the people you have chosen to share your fabulous day with. It is my greatest delight to serve couples by documenting this life-changing season, so they can remember, relive and share it forever!

An incredible photography experience results from genuine joy, comfort, and closeness in front of the camera.




- Kristy & Darren

"She’s very professional and at the same time feels like a good friend."

My husband Darren and I hired Morgan as our wedding photographer and we are so happy we made that decision. Morgan was so great to work with and we absolutely loved the photos she captured of our wedding day. Morgan is such a warm person and she puts you at ease. If you are getting married we would highly recommend choosing Morgan as your photographer.

- Connie & Miguel

"I am so happy
i found morgan v photography for my wedding"

I am SO HAPPY I found Morgan V Photography for my wedding ceremony. She communicated with the venue and made sure everything was in place. She is just absolutely THE BEST and super professional and so kind. She made our wedding day very special by capturing such beautiful moments.

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I have always recognized what a privilege it is to be a wedding photographer, but nothing could have intensified my love for my job more than living out my own wedding day. 

On a day centered around the man I love most, the past that led us together & our wonderful future as husband and wife, only one thing brought tears of sadness to my eyes. My grandparents had decided that the journey was more than they were capable of and they would not be able to attend our wedding. Having accompanied me through every other landmark event in my life, I was heartbroken that they wouldn’t be present for this monumental one. 

Our day proceeded with abundant joy but I felt their absence in each step leading to our ceremony. Walking down the aisle, I saw nothing but Jake vowing to love me forever, but as we were pronounced “husband and wife”, in the corner of my eye, I caught sight of my grandparents sitting in the front row next to my parents and I broke into a million deeply grateful and very tearful pieces. Sadly, they both passed away before my one year anniversary, which only heightens my appreciation for their presence on our incredible wedding day.

I am sure you are logically asking yourself why I am telling you this terribly sad story when you are looking for a wedding photographer. I am sharing this personal testament to convey that I understand how important the people you share your wedding day with are to you. 

The Love

my why

I appreciate that all of the details you have thoughtfully incorporated in your wedding day relate to pieces of your love story and the things and people you love most. I know that the life you are looking forward to together is so incredible and that you need beautiful images so you can always remember how it began. I can't wait to capture all of those precious moments for you!

Since even before I was a photographer, I have been mesmerized by old photographs. Despite the fading ink and crinkled paper, they tell a story of people we may have never known. I have a very special photograph framed in my house. It is my great-grandparents’ wedding portrait taken in South London in 1923 with forty-one of their closest friends and family members. I can not identify many of the happy people in the photograph and never got the chance to know any of them. Yet, whenever I catch a glimpse of that photograph, I recognize that, somehow, all of the love and joy in that portrait led to me. It is my sincerest desire to create the same kind of artful legacy for all the ones that come from and after you.