Having worked in the business of weddings for over ten years, the subject of love languages is not uncommon conversation for me. Through many chats and insightful self reflection, I can comfortably say that my love language is acts of service.

Hi! I'm morgan

Though I have always loved photography and the way it allows me to turn real life into palpable art, I began my business so that I could create an exceptional and purposeful experience for couples and families who entrust me to capture their most precious moments.

Whether it's sending a carefully crafted anniversary gift or helping clean bottles and bring by dinner (and dessert) for a new mama, few things bring me greater joy than serving the people I care about.

An incredible photography experience leads to genuine joy, comfort and closeness, which is exactly what I aim to capture for your portraits. Prior to a wedding day or session, I enjoy thoroughly communicating with my clients so that I can better get to know them and how I can best capture photos they will cherish forever. 

Being well-informed is such an important step in lessening anxiety, so I am happy to prepare my clients .... It is my goal that by the time we finally meet up, we will feel like friends. 

What a session is like. Candid vs posed and my style.

He is my better half in life and business. When I just want to hide behind the camera, Jake reminds me of my strengths and covers for my weaknesses. Besides being an incredible artist himself, Jake is the cool-headed, warm energy that brings out the sweetest smiles in little ones and calms even the most anxious grooms! 

Jake has been a full-time supporter of Morgan v photography since long before he took up a camera.




Books have become been my newly discovered love. I get lost in audiobooks during the countless evening hours of editing and am thinking about accepting photography payments in Audible credits. 


Get to know ME

A few of my favorites are the Great Alone by Kristin Hannah, the Last Garden in England by Julia Kelly & Meet Me in the Margins by Melissa Ferguson.