Ethereal Styled Wedding at Hummingbird Nest Ranch

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A Spotlight on the Visionaries Behind the Ethereal Styled Wedding Day at Hummingbird Nest Ranch

In the world of curated elegance, the stylistic success of a wedding hinges upon the ingenuity and skill of its artisans. This timeless and ethereal styled wedding, spearheaded by Jayden of Vibe Florals, brought together a collective of exceptional vendors whose individual brilliance crafted the setting for an unforgettable affair. 

The artisans chosen by a couple to bring their bridal visions to life wield immense influence, shaping not only the success of the wedding day but also the planning experience for the bride and groom. Bearing in mind the gravity of such an impactful decision, I wanted to use this opportunity to cast a spotlight on the extraordinary artists who lent their talents to this styled wedding and who consistently contribute their awe-inspiring influence to create incredible wedding celebrations for discerning brides and grooms.

Bride and groom portrait at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Simi Valley, California.

Hummingbird Nest Ranch

Where Luxury Meets History

Nestled in the hills of Simi Valley, the Hummingbird Nest Ranch stands as a testament to opulence and history. The venue, with its cobblestone courtyard, arching architecture, private garden, and sumptuous pool, reflects the grandeur of a bygone era. A canvas for romance, the ranch became the backdrop for the styled wedding session, offering an enchanting setting that perfectly complemented the vision.

Hummingbird Nest Ranch is a stunning luxury venue tucked into the hills of Simi Valley. Featuring six equally incredible spaces, couples can select and customize the perfect space to carry out the wedding celebration they’ve been dreaming of. The Sitting Bull space, highlighted in the romantic moments of Amanda and Conor below, is the original ranch house on the property. Dating back to the 1920s, it exudes an enchanting historic charm with its cobblestone courtyard, arching architecture, private garden, and a luxurious pool nestled in the second grand courtyard.

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Outdoor garden wedding ceremony at Hummingbird Nest Ranch with a floral lined aisle.

Taylor Design Studio

Crafting Elegance in Calligraphy

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to meet Sophie from Taylor Design Studio in person, her remarkable character and exceptional attention to detail in her craft vividly express her remarkable character. The invitation suite design, a testament to her artistry, established the ideal tone for the classic and romantic affair. Taylor’s captivating calligraphic work on the seating chart and place setting tags played a crucial role in fashioning an experience that eloquently conveyed to guests the sincere appreciation for their presence.

Hummingbird Nest Ranch wedding neutral invitation suite flat lay.

Lili Bridals

Curators of Dream Gowns

Lili Bridals holds a distinguished reputation as the premier destination in Southern California to discover your dream gown. They go above and beyond by providing a myriad of fashion-forward dresses, ensuring that every bride finds the perfect expression of their style. Having personally collaborated with Lili Bridals on numerous occasions, I can attest that their consultants are knowledgable and attentive and their gown selection is unsurpassed.

Braids by Jay Law

Mastering the Craft of Bridal Braids & Hairstyling

Enter Jayme of Braids by Jay Law, a masterful artisan in the craft of hairstyling. With an innate ability to weave strands into works of art, Jayme brings forth hairstyles that are both luscious and lovely. Whether envisioning loose styles to showcase your long locks or intricate updos, Jayme’s expertise in crafting stunning bridal looks is unparalleled.

Beauty X Sami

The Artisan of Timeless Glamour

Sami of Beauty X Sami possesses the magical skills to transform brides into the epitome of timeless beauty. With an aesthetic that is both classic and natural, Sami ensures that each bride not only feels incredibly beautiful but embraces her authentic self on the wedding day.

Jayden of Vibe Florals

A Creative Trailblazer

Jayden of Vibe Florals is a true visionary! Her floral creations are exceptional, showcasing a perfect blend of innovation and timelessness. She serves as a boundless well of inspiration for brides in search of beautiful florals to uniquely shape the aesthetic of her wedding day! 

Jayden’s undeniable talents shine brightly in the exquisite floral seating chart and table scape she masterfully crafted at Hummingbird Nest Ranch for this styled wedding day. The six-foot pastel display featured whimsical floral arrangements delicately placed in an array of bud vases. Loosely tying a chiffon ribbon and hand-calligraphing name tags added a personal touch to each floral creation, enhancing the enchanting setting.

The table displays, a true testament to Jayden’s artistry, are sure to captivate any guest! Lush, low pastel-toned florals were meticulously balanced with petite glass candles, blue glassware to complement the floral accents, bow-tied linen napkins, contemporary ceramic plates, and gold-finished silverware. The result is a harmonious blend of colors and textures that creates an atmosphere of refined beauty. 

Furthering her creative influence, Jayden featured custom wicker baskets brimming with flowers for the bridesmaids and a unique floral petal bar at the ceremony. This thoughtful addition allowed guests to fill paper cones with white rose petals, creating a joyous moment as they tossed the petals into the air to celebrate the bride and groom being announced as husband and wife.

The exquisite furnishings and styling pieces provided by 24/7 Rentals played an integral role in bringing Jayden’s curated vision to life. Each piece seamlessly contributed to the overall aesthetic, transforming the envisioned beauty into a tangible and awe-inspiring reality. 

Happy Trails Bar

Crafting Elevated Libation Experiences

Happy Trails Bar is not just a bar; it’s an essential ingredient to a good time! Their bar displays range from full of charm to highly elevated. The bar however, is only the start of the incredible experience they provide. The cocktails they craft are avant-garde in styling and top notch in quality! The owner, Bri, radiates kindness and accommodation and is guaranteed to keep your guests having the most fabulous time!

A wedding is not merely an event; it’s a masterfully crafted experience painted by visionary artists who elevate love to an art form. Wholeheartedly, I could not recommend these visionary contributors more fully. Their dedication to creating an unparalleled experience and enhancing the unique story of each couple is nothing short of exceptional!

Venue: Hummingbird Nest Ranch || Photography: Morgan V Photography || Floral Design: Vibe Florals || Wedding Dress: Lili Bridals || Hair: Braids by Jay Law || Makeup: Beauty X Sami || Bar: Happy Trails Bar || Stationery: Taylor Design Studio || Planning: 24/7 Events


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