Burning Love: A Tuscan Rose Ranch Wedding

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A wedding is the culmination of lots of plans. Months are spent giving careful consideration to color palettes, guest lists, venues, vendors, attire, etc. The ultimate test of a great wedding day however, is a couple’s ability to relish every moment of their celebration, even when unforeseen circumstances disrupt their intricately laid plans. For Josh & Devon, not even a wildfire blazing through the adjacent hills could stifle the joy they felt in finally becoming husband and wife. 

Their Plans

Tuscan Rose Ranch Garden Wedding

Josh and Devon planned their wedding day celebration at the exquisite Tuscan Rose Ranch in the sprawling hills of Santa Paula, California. Despite being a new venue, Tuscan Rose Ranch’s scrolling iron gates, stone fountains, and romantic rose-bush lined pathways evoke the ambience of a well-established English Garden. The vibrant foliage was a lovely compliment to the couple’s chosen color palette of soft green and white hues. 

Devon infused timeless beauty into her attire, with a custom bridal hanger adorned with pearls and a personalized jean jacket proudly displaying her new name. Prepared for the briskness of a December wedding day, the bridesmaids complemented their dresses in varying green tones with stylish white fur totes, while the gentlemen kept things classic in sharp grey suits.

The Disruption

Wildfire Blazing through Santa Paula Hills

While many brides endure sleepless nights fretting over the prospect of rain on their wedding day, Devon awoke to news she never expected — fire.  It was a gorgeous, blustery morning when everyone received the news that a wildfire was blazing through the hills of Santa Paula, with flames burning just two miles from the wedding site. Despite the fire’s close proximity, a fortunate shift in the wind directed the smoke westward, allowing everyone at the venue to witness the captivating dance of the flames while reveling under clear, blue skies.

This would typically be a terrifying and highly, stress-inducing situation –– but not for the groom. Josh, a seasoned firefighter in a long lineage of firefighters, was loving it! Truly! Josh and his groomsmen enthusiastically tracked as the slow progression as the fire moved through the hillside. As helicopters flew over head in attempts to extinguish the flames, Josh excitedly remarked on the different aircraft models above us. His unyielding enthusiasm and unwaveringly calm demeanor was infectious, helping his bride remain both relaxed and reassured as she embraced each precious moment of their wedding day.

Bride and groom touching noses posing in front of lush gardens at Tuscan Rose Ranch.

The Result

A Sunset Celebration Under Purple Skies

As guests arrived, there was no cause for concern, given the reassuring presence of forty-five active and retired firefighters among the attendees. As the sunset ceremony commenced, the sky filled with whimsical shades of pink and blue, casting soft hues of purple upon the couple and their beloved guests. The gravity of Devon & Josh’s lifetime commitment was palpable in the prayerful ceremony and heartfelt personal vows. 

Tuscan Rose Ranch wedding ceremony altar with a floral and drapery adorned arch.

As the evening unfolded, transitioning from vows and first dances to toasts and cake, the atmosphere was lit solely by twinkle lights and the faint glow of the fire smoldering in the hills. The unbridled flame seemed to symbolize the enduring love and warmth between Devon and Josh — him, a firefighter, and her, his stunning wife.

Romantic outdoor wedding reception at Tuscan Rose Ranch.

Special Note

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Annette from Wheat and Honey Events and the exceptional team at Tuscan Rose Ranch. Their unwavering and remarkable efforts not only kept us proactively informed but also ensured the lovely couple a fabulous wedding day amid unpredictable circumstances!

Venue: Tuscan Rose Ranch || Planning/Coordination: Wheat and Honey Events || Photography: Morgan V Photography || Floral Artistry: Bloom & Boom Florals || Makeup Artist: Beauty X Sami & Madison Vail Makeup || Hair Styling: Braided by Tarah || Gown: Dreamers & Lovers || Catering: DJ’s California Catering || Cake: Jill’s Cake Creations || Entertainment: DJ Kamayo || Seating Chart: Mason James Designs


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