Rustic Vintage Maternity Shoot // Malibu Creek State Park | Cheyne + Courtney

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It was the first brisk week of California’s November and the stormy gray clouds coupled with the golden glow of the setting sun was majestic.

Zealand was draped in Courtney’s cream-colored, knit sweater to keep warm, which was over-sized on her but incredibly cute over her striped, peach and white dress and grey, cable-knit tights. Though she tried, her attempts to hide her divinely-adorable smile behind her incredible goldy-locks curls were unsuccessful. As Courtney and I played with an antique, wooden rocking chair & the breath-taking backlit mountains, Cheyne & Jake [my husband and carrier of all the ridiculous things I bring for a shoot] spoke of beer, Ireland, and how much he enjoyed being a dad.

Courtney, in her vintage-styled mustard dress speckled with white polka dots, was as lovely as always. As she rested her hands on the shelf of her perfectly round pregnant belly, she told of us of their impressive feat in waiting until the baby is born to find out if they’re having a boy or a girl! [I’d tell you my guess, but I won’t in case I’m wrong. Lol.] The warm sun, realizing it was no match against the glow of Courtney’s over-joyed expressions, sunk away behind the mountains.


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