ready to savor your season? 

Life is full of ever-changing seasons — from Summer to Fall or from having one baby to two. Nothing seems to grow and change faster than children. As a mother myself, I know that, often, we are so deep in the needs and to-do’s of the season, that we rarely get to stop and see how beautiful it is. I love helping families savor and celebrate all of life’s sweet seasons! 

From the excitement of a first pregnancy to a family celebration of a 50th anniversary, it is such a privilege to document your beautiful moments so they can continue to be enjoyed for generations.

Nothing is more precious than time, and after that, nothing is more precious than our memories of the time we’ve shared.

Family Portraits

I well know the anxiety that can often accompany those two little words — “family photos." Often, parents miss out on precious family photos simply because of the stress and fear of planning outfits and getting their kids to behave and “smile”. I am here to say, “Stop worrying.” You are in good hands! I can promise that, not only will it not be everything you are fearing, it will actually be a great time! (Really!!)

Throughout more than ten years of documenting little ones, I have learned that the best way to get kids to smile is to create an experience that makes them genuinely joyful. We will play games, find flowers, and capture incredible portraits of your sweethearts!
I am eager to hear all about the look you love! Then I can recommend locations, help schedule time for the prettiest light and even assist you in what to wear so we can capture photos that you and your family will cherish forever.

When, Where, & What to Wear?

let's set a date!

- Mary & Tony


Morgan makes everything special!  Our family had our first photo session with her and after we felt closer and more bonded than ever before. Who knew a photo session could feel like self-care!? After just a bit of time, we received our cared-for images and those feelings of sweetness and security are reaffirmed every time I gaze upon my family.  We receive so many compliments from her work. Morgan V Photography is ours forever. 

- Gabby & Greyson

"we were laughing
& smiling the whole time."

Recently I had Morgan shoot a spring photo shoot of our family and everything was perfect! First of all, Morgan was so helpful in scheduling a date, location and timing. She brought her husband, Jake, who was so helpful in making my son laugh and playing with him while other pictures were being taken. Morgan is so sweet and kind. We were laughing and smiling the whole time. She made it so comfortable for us all. The pictures came out so beautifully and are ones that we will cherish forever. 

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For investment details and availability, please send a message using the form below. One hour portrait sessions for a family of six or less with full access to your gallery begin at $450.