Montecito Beach Proposal // Santa Barbara, California | Katherine + Matthew

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He had planned everything meticulously.  By noon, the stress of taking her CBEST teachers accreditation test would be behind her and she would be relaxed and available to enjoy an incredible evening. After her test, Katherine headed home to her mom and sisters who casually helped her beautify for the romantic dinner Matthew had planned for them at the Four Seasons in Montecito, California.  She wore a lovely floral, sea-green dress that was beautifully complimented by the waves that rolled into the shore alongside them.

Everything was going perfectly to plan.  After enjoying their romantic seaside dinner, Matthew recommended to Katherine that they take a relaxing stroll on the sand and quickly texted the group to inform them that they were on their way.  Nate, TJ & Katherine [Matthew’s roommate and Katherine’s brother and sister-in-law] had set up a charming display of lanterns and rose petals in a small cove not far from the restaurant.  Having received the long-awaited text, we all dashed to our designated hiding spots.

On the cliff just behind the set up, I watched with several onlookers who had excitedly gathered to see how the proposal would unfold.  Slowly, Matthew and Katherine meandered to the cove.  They took a few moments to sit and admire the stunning ocean view before Matthew settled on one knee and posed the very important question.

The cliffside audience broke out into enthusiastic cheers and Matthew and Katherine shared their joyous excitement with the close friends that rushed out to congratulate them!


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