Lake Sherwood Engagement // Westlake Village, California | Kaylan + Troy

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It was the night of their CalLu graduation and they were excitedly celebrating with thirty of their closest friends and family. The house was filled with her carefully-planned decorations including a glamorous photo booth complete with streamers, glitter-filled balloons and a polaroid camera.  Red flags should have waved fervently through the room when he asked to take a photo with her in the photo booth — a task she would normally have to beg him to partake in — but with the joyous chaos of the day, it escaped her suspicion. Once in front of the camera, Troy gracefully dropped to one knee and replaced his paper prop mustache with a little red box and a ring!

The day of their engagement shoot was a perfect collection of California sunshine and a good time!  Country music streaming from Kaylan’s phone in her back pocket provided a swanky [total nerd word!] soundtrack for our shoot!  With Jake on the lookout, we darted cars for the perfect shot in the stunning yellow light. We ended the shoot lakeside, an environment reminiscent of so many good times they have shared on family trips to the cabin in years past and foreshadowing so many more lake trips to come.

To Kaylan and Troy : Kaylan, I am so glad you’ve found such a great guy who loves you so well.  Troy, take good care of my friend in San Jose, and keep a room available for when Jake & I come to visit. Next stop — wedding 2017!!!! Can’t wait to celebrate!!


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