20’s Inspired Bridal Session // Downtown Los Angeles | Hayley

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9:00 AM — Meet model & friend at local Starbucks

9:15 — Arrive at Lorena’s and begin makeup

… And so began our first inspiration wedding shoot of 2015.

Our model, Hayley, was such a sweetheart & she and her friend , Nassim, who accompanied her actually attended my same high school.  As Lorena – our brilliant makeup artist — began beautifying, Haley, Nassim & I rated teachers we had all had and discovered acquaintances we shared in the “bubble” of our small town.

While Lorena airbrushed Hayley’s already flawless face, Nassim watched, flabbergasted by the complex processes and odd apparatuses that we girls regularly submit to. As Lorena completed the adorably vintage look with a pair of sultry red lips, her all-around amazingly talented friend, Celene, arrived with a gorgeous, soft and whimsical bridal bouquet.

12:00 — Pizza for lunch & hairstyling by Christal

It all started with long graceful curls. Then, while the rest of us munched on pizza and gawked at her incredible skill, Christal masterfully crafted Hayley’s long golden locks into a fabulous 20’s-inspired bridal updo.  A stunning face and gorgeous hairstyling were unified and enhanced by the exquisite, fully-beaded, flapper-styled bridal gown and jeweled headband that were so kindly contributed by Unique Vintage in charming downtown Burbank.

With the look fully complete, we headed to the industrial district of downtown Los Angeles.  All laughs and smiles were genuinely conceived as we goofed around and admired the cultured brick walls and rooftop view of an intoxicating LA skyline.


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